Crime Log 2/16

  Suspicious Events:   A student received harassing phone calls Feb. 6 in Coolidge Hall.   There was a report of ceiling tiles disrupted Feb. 6 in Harris/Millis. It was thought someone had crawled into the ceiling.   Bias related graffiti was reported Feb. 2 in Millis Hall.   Drugs/Alcohol:   A student was sent to the hospital for detox Feb. 5 from Davis Hall.  Marijuana was also confiscated from the student.   There was a report of an alcohol violation and student intoxication Feb. 5 in Buckham Hall.   Marijuana and alcohol were confiscated from students Feb. 4 in Jeanne Mance Hall.   Theft:   An iPhone was stolen Feb. 6 from the men’s locker room in Gutterson Fieldhouse.