Cynic Reporter Biased on Greek Coverage

I am once again disap-pointed with the portrayal of the Greek Community on our campus by one of your “reporters.” I put this in quotes because the term should be used loosely in reference to Sam Palley, the most recent individual to write about Greek Life for your organization. The “Singled Out” event was used to raise over $550 for the Relay for Life, an event that has been fueled by Elyse Gambardella’s passion for philanthropy. In conjunc-tion with the Free to Be organization- one that Sam Palley seemingly had no interest in interview-ing- the Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils worked under Elyse’s guidance to replicate a fun 1990s game show in the spirit of Sexual Awareness Week. This article was of-fensive to many members of the Greek community, as words like “cultish” were used to describe those active members who took hours out of a school night to attend the event in support of their fellow brothers and sisters. It was unnecessary for Palley to use such a nega-tive tone for an event that many found entertaining and informative. In alli-ance with the Free to Be organization on campus, the event was made public as well as created a safe space for all students. The supposed reporter, Palley, barely touched on this aspect of the evening, one that we, the Greek community, were found to be an integral part of the event. Not only was this event for a good cause, but we also had a great time do-ing it. Yes, many, if not most of the audience and participants were Greek, but that didn’t mean that non-Greeks were not wel-comed. I applaud my fel-low Greeks for attending this event, raising aware-ness and donating their time and money to help the fight against cancer. Philanthropy events at the University should be applauded and not criticized, no matter what group or organization puts them on. I implore the editors and readers of this news organization to stop wast-ing valuable space in the paper with bitter diatribes from individuals who wish only to mock a philan-thropic event when the time and efforts of Palley could have been used to promote the Relay for Life and offer links to the website for donations. For those individu-als who wish to be part of this wonderful cause, please go to the American Cancer Society’s website and donate today! See also the Facebook group that offers information on how to register a team.