Cynics Among The Believers

Dear Community,I sit here and wonder what the world has come to when people are ridiculed for their talents and successes. I watched Jeff Paul walk into the Varsity Girls Soccer Coaching position four years ago, at Colchester High School. He brought with him, a soccer program and a hope to find a group of students who would believe in his program and grow with him over the years. I have watched those who thought they would fail, prevail. I have watched those with doubt, gain unfaltering confidence. I have watched a team make it further in a season than ever before in Colchester Girls Soccer history. And finally, I have watched this Coach grow along with the program and with the students who stepped up and wanted to be a part of it all. They have become a family. As with anything in life, one will find cynics among the believers. Some will choose to hesitate instead of move forward. Some will try to discredit, instead of support. Year after year I have watched this Coach face ridicule from the Athletic Director of Colchester High School. When looking for support, he found none. When asking for help, he was faced (again) with nothing but contempt and disrespect. To the disbelief of his employers, Jeff Paul has the support of MANY. I think it is about time that these voices are heard. He has asked only one thing of everyone, and that is to believe in yourself and believe in his program. This program is made up of so much more than simple luck. It has been made up of strong mentality and some of the strongest people I have ever met. Including a Coach that any team is lucky to have. I am glad there are still believers like Jeff Paul in the world. During a time when his employers are threatening incompetence and parents discredit the teams success because of unimportant things like their child’s playing time, Jeff still looks me in the eye and says, “I can’t walk away. I’m doing it for the kids.” Life is too short to be held back by the insecurities of others. Play Hard, Coach Hard, and Believe in Yourselves!Tekla Frates