Dallaire speaks on Rwanda, current events

Romeo Dallaire, humanitarian and former Force Commander for UNAMIR, the U.N.’s task force to attempt to keep peace between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, called on the youth to make changes in the world today. The sold-out audience in Ira Allen Chapel laughed when Dallaire defined youth as anyone under 30 because he said that his generation feared anyone older than thirty. “You are leaders in an era that is not simple,” said Dallaire. “The present is the reality of the state of humanity.” Dallaire said little about his personal experiences in Rwanda, but said that people need to take action. While the entire world focused on the Tsunami in 2006 the media did not discuss Darfur at all, Dallaire said. “Darfur was in a worse state, not one statement about Darfur, maybe those people don’t count as much? What criteria did we use to go there and not there?” Dallaire said. In a statement from an audience member read by Magdalena Jensen, she said that, “You are being modest, you are single handedly responsible for saving the lives of over 20,000 people.” Dallaire said that money is not the answer to the problems in the world. “Can we in fact ash the blood off these people by throwing money at them?” said Dallaire. The event was organized by UVM Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (UVM STAND) with 15 other co-sponsors.