Danny B

A recent article was published bashing a guy who has the right political direction. Why can’t you take a step back and this thing will go away. On both political extremes people become irritated and do things to relieve the stress and hatred. Most Republicans do not hate the Democrats/Liberals. Here’s one– The first day of school a person who was “fed up” with globalization and propaganda in the government left me a note because they saw my Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. The next day they keyed the hood of my truck writing “Think Global, Drink Local” in large lettering. Why is it every liberal here in Vermont can have a Dean or “Thanks Jim” bumper sticker? I don’t go key their vehicle; I respect their view. We are the richest nation and last super- power on this earth; please let’s just stop protesting against military action. Realists believe that extremists who live in every rogue nation on every continent pose a threat. No nation or people would attack our great nation in any official way like we attack others. Terrorism is the new war. I cannot finish or backup my views, I only got 200 words. Dan Baldwin