Davis Center roof renovations start

One thousand, four hundred square feet of new storage space will be constructed on the roof of the building, said AllenJosey, director of operations for the Davis Center.

The construction project will take place for the rest of the semester, and is expected to be finished by the end of May, Josey said.

The project will create additional storage space for events to help service the west end of the building, he said.

The primary storage area for event related supplies and inventory is located on the east end of the building inside areservableballroom,Josey said.

“This new space will allow our student production and audio visual staff the ability to retrieve all the needed resources we have for events that take place in the building,” he said. “Currently this is very difficult and our space is completely bursting at the seams.”

When complete, people won’t really see or even notice the new storage area, since it will be located on top of the third floor. It will be hardly visible when walking below,Josey said.

“This project is simply an infrastructure improvement that will allow my staff to have much needed event storage space that will positively impact how the Davis Center is able to be used by everyone,” he said.

Throughout the duration of the construction, there will be a work zone in the lawn amphitheater area. The JostRoom will be inaccessible to the campus for meetings beginning Feb. 24, Josey said.

Events on the fourth floor of the Davis Center may be impacted by noise, which is expected throughout the project. The organizers of these events have been made aware of this possibility, he said.

Access to the third floor hallway leading to both the Student Government and Student Life offices will be restricted during spring break. This is due to steel and supplies being lifted up to the roof, Josey said.

“It will be a bummer that people potentially will not be able to access the Student Life offices for a bit, but luckily this will be over spring break and won’t affect students that much,” said Connor Daley, president of SGA.

Access to the SGA offices won’t change other than the fact that people will have to come up the staircase from the green roof, Daley said.

If necessary, SGA is willing to host the Student Life staff in their offices until the construction is over, Daley said.

“This project will not impact your day to day experience in the building, but I wanted to be sure everyone was aware of the general plan,” Josey said.