Dean’s salary questioned

Faculty members have said that they are not happy with the salary that the new School of Business Administration (BSAD) dean will be making. The Faculty Senate sent out a letter to the UVM community stating that Sanjay Sharma’s $320,000 yearly paycheck is unacceptable given the University’s current financial situation, reported the Burlington Free Press. President Daniel Mark Fogel said he stands by his decision to hire Sharma. “Of course I knew this would be vulnerable to criticism,” President Fogel said to the Burlington Free Press. “I felt it was the right thing for the well-being of the University, otherwise I would not have done it.” He told the Burlington Free Press that he is pleased that Sharma has agreed to help the University reach its goal of being one of the nation’s premier small research universities. The appointment was announced a week before faculty members were told that there would be budget cuts, layoffs and possibly a salary freeze next year, said James Burgmeier, president of the Faculty Senate. “The announcement of the $5 million package for the new business dean was poorly timed,” Burgmeier said. Burgmeier said that he estimates UVM will be paying Sharma and his wife Pramodita, a new business professor at UVM, $700,000 a year.