Delta Psyche

Editor’s note:The opinions section of the paper is just that. The opinions of Cynic readers. Therefore, the pieces in this section should be taken as the opinions of an individual, and not those of the Vermont Cynic.I must give a big thank you to the Vermont Cynic. Due to yet another instance of poor editorial judgment, my faith in the unity of the Greek system here has been restored. From the moment the slanderous article written by a mysterious “Jay Meyers” (who doesn’t exist in the UVM directory) hit Cook Commons’ lunch tables on Tuesday, there’s been a commotion in the Greek system like you wouldn’t believe. “Why would he write that? Does his house hate Delta Psi? How can anyone hate Delta Psi?” The extraordinary regard for the well being of Greek PR almost brought a tear to my eye. Well my friends, which members of what house hate which members of another is a discussion to be saved for…..never. The issue today is that our beloved Vermont Cynic may soon lower itself to the ranks of another supermarket tabloid. I don’t think the Times, the Globe, or the Post would allow just anyone to write a column and sign it George W Boosh, or Howard Bean. But alas, controversy builds a reader base, and what does a reader base generate? Advertising revenue!! Although UVM isn’t the largest of local media outlets, there is still an underlying responsibility to the readers to publish fact.Notice I haven’t mentioned the scared anonymous ghostwriter who defamed the unfortunate fraternity in the first place. I’m not going to dispel each of your points, because frankly I don’t care, and I don’t feel like defending Delta Psi all day. But to judge the individual members of an organization solely on stigmas attached to their letters is childish, and makes me embarrassed to say I went to school with you, whoever you are. I know that if you tried to quell every ugly opinion a Cynic-reader had, you wouldn’t have time to print your fine publication. In the future though, it would be nice to see a little more investigation go into who attaches their name to a column, lest your paper end up between the Enquirer and the Cheez-Its snack packs at the local Price Chopper.