Dennis Leary to the World: “I’m Still An A**hole!”

“Has Dennis Leary lost his edge?”, has become one of the foremost questions in the minds of UVM students. Controversy surrounding Leary’s “a**hole factor”, began as early as Fall 2002, when the Boston based comedian was photographed mid-toast at a Red Cross fundraiser, seriously compromising the actor/comedian’s image. The controversy reached its apex early February, when a fan verbally accosted Leary in a Boston area diner, claiming the 41 year old comedian had gone “soft”. “No question about it, Leary has become a p*ssy,” said Mark Dropridge, official Leary biographer. “The problem isn’t that he’s friendly now, it’s that he’s not the a**hole we’ve come to expect and respect.” Added Dropridge: “That last one rhymed! Ha! I’m good!” “Guess what folks? I’m still an a**hole!” proclaimed a visually shaken Leary, during a press conference Friday afternoon. “I was an a**hole before, and nothing has changed…okay? Has anyone seen my career, I lost it somewhere?”