Don’t be a hippie

When advocating a cause, it can be difficult to disentangle your emotions about the subject from your rational justifications for the position. And while your position on a given subject may be intimately tied into the culture that you come from and represent, it may be necessary to work within an existing framework of standards in orderto effect change. If you are truly passionate about something, you will certainly be willing to temporarily relinquish your cultural ties or reach out to those from different backgrounds in order to see that thing succeed.As the age old adage says, “you’ve got to pick your battles.” You can’t possibly change the whole world to your liking and those who try to do so can be, well, annoying.And while the states of corporate America, the mainstream media and environmentalism are all very serious, universal issues, they are often no-longer taken seriously because they are all causes that have been taken up by these well-intentioned but clueless people.I’m talking about hippies.To be fair, I am using this term fairly narrowly. I am not defining hippies by their hairstyle, dress or the bands they listen to, but by the causes they take up and their reasons for supporting those causes.To those of you who belong to this group: the phrase “it’s corporate American bull**** man!” does not push your movement forward – neither does parroting arguments that are either unoriginal or that you don’t understand.If you wish to take up a cause, do so because something in your life compels you to feel passionately about something, not because it is popular or chic in whatever circles you may roll.Do so because you have seen an ill in the world that can be rationally solved, not because you get a high offof championing a cause.If your ideals are so-formulated you will relish in defending and reforming them and will not shrink from a battle of ideas when it presents itself.And most importantly, you will be able to win your arguments.If not, your ideas will become associated with laziness, ignorance and stupidity. They will cease to be things to which people apply serious thought, and instead become hollow, worn-out phrases.Don’t be a hippie.