Dos and Don’ts of Winter

Winter ’08 has finally arrived. A new season means new trends, and UVM has got a bunch. Gone are the Uggs and mini skirts of autumn, here to stay are big warm boots and long underwear. Don’t: Uggs Winter in Burlington means slushy sidewalks. 10 minutes of sloshing slush in Uggs leaves your feet soaked. They might look cute, but no one honestly enjoys soggy socks. Do: Ulus. “Ulus are super cute and they keep your feet warm and dry. They’re about the same price as Uggs, and so much better for Vermont weather,” says junior Maddy Ward, “they look great with jeans and avoid the slush sock.” Aside from being cute and waterproof, they also have a great company philosophy. According to the Ulu Website, the boot brand pays employees extra to ride their bikes to work and to do volunteer work. Don’t: fake and bake in February. “No one’s fooled, we know you didn’t get that color naturally; besides, if you fake tan too much you’ll look like a catcher’s mitt in 20 years,” says sophomore Dylan Ingraham. Pale is totally in this winter, and is almost as cool as avoiding skin cancer. Do: let that facial hair grow. The facial scruff is no longer taboo. It keeps you warm, and has gained some aesthetic value. According to Eric Wilson of the New York Times, “It’s a sign of the times, people are into beards right now.” A walk across campus is proof enough that UVM-ers are on the beard bandwagon. Don’t: forget to shower. This season is all about keeping it au natural. Regardless, personal hygiene cannot be forgotten or ignored. According to junior Nate Matusick “I respect their decision to not shower, but choose to sit far away from the smell.” Do: Carhartt outerwear. Carhartt outerwear isn’t exactly a new trend at UVM, but its still going strong. According to the Carhartt Web site, it’s a brand that prides itself on being “a choice brand of those who work and play outdoors.”It definitely is a choice brand at UVM as junior Lance Jennings confirmed. “It’s so good…badass and warm. I especially love the one-piece suits. You gotta have the one-piece suit.”Do: New World Tortilla (rest in peace Round Room.) Its long line can testify that this on-campus restaurant is a lunchtime hot spot. Their menu confirms they serve vegetarians, vegans and omnivores “To me New World Tortilla represents an opportunity. An opportunity to stop eating at the grundle (Harris Millis)” said junior Dave Volain. Always with a long line, it’s one of the most preferred dining spots on campus, making the usually-empty Ben and Jerry’s look lonely. Do: Simply Orange Lemonade and Limeade Sodas are out this season, and healthy juices are in. Simply Orange drinks are proving to be tough competition for other juice companies. “Definitely my favorite orange juice. I would carry around a whole big bottle of it if I could … now I don’t have to though … I’m really excited ’cause a little bottle looks way less weird,” says Junior Brittany Langston. Move over Odwalla and Vitamin Water, the Florida grown, non-pasteurized juices are everywhere this winter. Don’t: Buy gossip rags The paparazzi hysteria must be stopped. Do: Keep up with the news. Clubs all over campus are popping up that are based around current events. According to the UVM recognized organizations roster on the Web site, the University has a variety of recognized clubs, including the College Democrats, Economics, Law and Politics Club, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and Students for Peace and Global Justice, to name a few. It definitely seems like students are interested in making changes, and change requires an understanding of the present. Sophomore Jon Gridley agrees, “It’s important to know what’s happening in the world. To be cliché, knowledge is power.”