Eco-Ware adds soup containers

Soup consumers on campus will soon be able to eat out of reusable containers. Sodexo marketing assistant and 2010 graduate Jay Taylor recently received approval from the University’s health department to launch Eco-Ware soup containers. “The soup containers are the same system,” he said. “Anyone who uses Eco-Ware now is automatically able to use the soup containers.” Though only a few on-campus dining facilities used Eco-Ware when it first began, the containers will be featured in the Northside Café and Redstone Market’s salad bar after Spring break. The reason for the expansion into two new dining areas and the launch of soup containers was due to increased use among students, Taylor said “There are 1,500 meals served in Eco-Ware containers in an average month,” he said.  “The record was 1,193 in October 2011, but we’re on pace to beat that this month by 300 meals.” Students that have Eco-Ware said they would continue to use the product and recommend it to friends. “I bought the container because I can get food to go and there’s no environmental impact,” first-year Abby Holden said. “Eco-Ware is really easy to use, and I think I will continue to use it throughout my time here.” Though some students said they found Eco-Ware easy to use, others said the product can often be problematic. “Eco-Ware is mostly good,” sophomore Melina Chaouch said. “It’s a good way to save money, but it’s annoying to have to rinse out the containers before I turn it in to get my cow tag.” Chaouch said she’s happy with eco-ware for the most part because she can’t be bothered to compost. “Since UVM is trying to be green and so am I, I think eco-ware is great to have,” she said.  “Plus, you get a lot more food when using eco-ware.” Students interested in purchasing an Eco-Ware container can do so at any of the locations where they are used.  The containers are $7.50 and meal plan points can be used to purchase them.  Those using Eco-Ware receive a 15-cent discount on all meals.  According to Taylor, after 50 uses, the cost is essentially refunded.