Ecological Literacy Campaign

To The Vermont Cynic, A coalition of highly motivated UVM students is proposing a new curriculum requirement, in order to raise ecological literacy awareness on campus. As students of a course entitled, “Environmental Activism” we are creating a campaign that will compel the UVM administration into instituting a required ecological literacy class. This introductory-level environmental course, if approved, would be required for each student to take and pass prior to graduation. According to the campaign members, “We believe that it is important that ALL students at the University of Vermont receive a basic overview in environmental issues. The environment is suffering on a number of fronts: including climate change, water quality, habitat loss, species diversity, and air pollution. Yet, students lack a basic understanding of these issues and knowledge of what we can do to address them.” Avid supporters of this campaign believe that an ecological literacy course would help to increase student awareness and interest, concerning the current issues facing our natural world. Also, research indicates that taking at least one environmental course significantly creates more ecologically responsible behavior. Finally, since UVM has a reputation of strongly supporting environmental programs, it should live up to its character and establish an ecological literacy requirement!SincerelyMarie Korzenecki, Class of 2006