Economic Stimulus

This is an American problemBy Michael farleyWe’re in quite the fix right now, but our new administration has many great ideas lined up to get us out of this economic turmoil. Many great ideas that will slowly stimulate and rebuild our economy, and get the gears of America turning once again. Many of these ideas reflect those of FDR’s bygone New Deal Era. So consider this era, our era, a New-New Deal Era.Now, I hate big government as much as the next person, but this time I’ve got to side with them. We’ve all got to side with them. This is not a Republican problem or a Democratic problem. This is an American problem with American solutions. No matter what any of us think, this country’s plight cannot be fixed overnight. We simply cannot plug up the dam and walk away, because we are falling apart from the inside out. Our infrastructure is disintegrating, our banks have failed us and our predecessors have left us the scraps left over from the fat of the land. Our problems will not simply disappear on their own with time.Without the help of big government and drastic, major reforms, we are doomed to fail. The ideology of “pulling one’s self up by one’s bootstraps” without any governmental help is a myth. Government has always and will always play a role in the lives of its citizens.From the first colonies, to the Sooners, to Reconstruction, to FDR’s New Deal and now, finally, to our New-New Deal. Some, however, are firm non-believers of New-New Deal reform. Relying on fables and myths of the past, they paint a grim picture of aging, failed and unsettling policies. Not everything may have worked in FDR’s New Deal plans, but what did work far outweighs what failed. Show me a World War II vet and I will show you the house they bought with help from the G.I. Bill. Tell me FDR’s New Deal made no improvements to our country, and I will point just a few miles away to our much – used Interstate Highway System. The end of Prohibition, the Emergency Banking Act, the advent of the FDIC, the Social Security Act and the Civil Works Administration were all part of FDR’s New Deal, which gave jobs to millions of unemployed Americans and brought us back from the Depression. The road will be hard and long for all of us, but if we stick together and drop all of the partisan hoopla, together we can accomplish so much more than any other era ever thought they could.Obama’s “deal” with destinyBy RICK VALENTA and RYAN WALKERToday, America faces one of her greatest challenges. If President Obama succeeds in further nationalizing our debt, America as we know it will cease to exist. Obama plans to create over 600,000 government jobs in the next two years, while we are laying off thousands a day from private industries and doing nothing about it. It has been evident from the events of modern history that capitalism and the private sector are where the money, the innovation and the prosperity of the citizens come from.The liberal initiative of the quick fix, big government solution simply masks the economic hardships for the short term. Many of our friends have asked us if we hope Obama succeeds in his administration and vision for America.The answer depends on how you measure success. If he becomes a realist, and takes us back to the Reagan days – understanding that lowering tax burdens for businesses is what really stimulates the economy – then yes, we hope he succeeds. However, if he plans to solve our problems with socialist ideals of big government, then we would say it’s time to open up a history book. The pilgrims tried Socialism, and quickly learned the economic principle of the free-rider problem. Those who are lazy will realize that they don’t have to contribute, and will try to take advantage of the system.This sounds like Obama’s new “tax cuts” that will give as much as 40 percent to non-tax payers. Sounds a little more like welfare than tax cuts, doesn’t it? Many do not realize that the New Deal, made effective by President Roosevelt, did not actually solve The Great Depression; WWII solved it. The New Deal only prolonged it by circulating taxpayer money, not actually generating more capital. Government work is not new GDP, just a re-distribution of existing funds, which, in today’s America, don’t exist. The stimulus plan is going to spend more than five times what we spent in the Iraq War under the Bush Administration. Apparently, any semblance of fiscally conservative spending is gone. Big government has never and will never be the right answer to the greater good and economic well-being of the average citizen. People are supporting these proposed programs and ostentatious spending because they are afraid of a little economic hardship. What ever happened to personal accountability and pulling yourself up? The long term solution involves self-liability, hard work and a collective belief in a return to small government, low taxes and unfettered and innovative industry.