election 2004

If your vote is your voice…You may accuse me of selling out the hopes of the left. I would say it is selling out our aspirations to vote for a man we don’t agree with. I am not going to vote for John Kerry who supported going to Iraq, who would relegate the LGBT to second-class citizenship, who would send more troops into a war where we are not wanted. He has said that he will do what Bush does, but he will do it better. I don’t want a more sophisticated version of a dangerous man! I certainly don’t want the figurehead of that same Democratic party that is so afraid of competition from Nader that they sue him, and steal and falsify petitions in illegal and despicable shenanigans! I want someone who does not take massive corporate donations. I want someone that is actually honest in a corrupt system filled with lies. I am voting for Ralph Nader. And I would do so no matter where I lived. Because every election we are told to wait, that now is not the time for “throwing your vote away,” now is not the time to demand what we truly want. Well, when is the right time to do what you believe in? If my vote is truly my voice, shouldn’t I say what I mean? The American voters should not be badgered. Vote for whomever you believe in, not just the guy you think has the slightest chance of winning. If we only ever rooted for the winning team, the Red Sox would have had few fans until late. If your vote is your voice, What are you saying? Jaska Bradeen, Class of 2007