Election complaint considered closed, public apology requested

The two previous Student Government Association members and current president who were named in Senator Aliza Lederer-Plaskett’s complaint have been cleared, former president Kofi Mensah stated in a memorandum to the University. Mensah, former Vice President David Maciewicz and President Julian Golfarini were cleared by the three groups analyzing the complaint made by Lederer-Plaskett, according to Mensah’s memorandum. “[Center for Students of Ethics and Standards (CSES)] found that no [policies] were actually violated, Police Services concluded that no criminal activity had in fact taken place and as we all know no election rules were violated,” Mensah stated in his memorandum. He said that he was glad that the review is officially over. “I think now everyone can take comfort with the conclusion of the investigation,” Mensah said. Maciewicz stated that the results came as no surprise, in his memorandum to the University. “As expected, I was exonerated of any wrongdoing stemming from the April 4, 2011 complaint by Aliza Lederer-Plaskett, the losing candidate for SGA president,” he stated. Mensah and Maciewicz said that they had no hard feelings toward Lederer-Plaskett; however, they requested that she make a public apology for her allegations. “I have no animosity towards Senator Plaskett for the nonsense that she has put not only myself through, but the senatorial body as well,” Mensah stated in the memorandum. “They were merely the outcry of a student that couldn’t handle losing properly and let spite get the best of them.” Golfarini agrees that a public statement by Lederer-Plaskett should be made. “I really would like to see her give the three of us … and the Senate a public apology for how she made us and the Senate look,” he said. Although Lederer-Plaskett said she thought the University was sweeping her complaint under the rug when CSES cleared the students before the police report was resolved, Dean of Students David Nestor said it was taken seriously. “The University has conducted a full and thorough review,” he said. “The appropriate parts of the organization spent considerable time and energy reviewing all aspects of the complaint.” There are no further steps to take at this time and the University considers the matter resolved, Nestor said. Lederer-Plaskett was not available for comment.