Eminem to Remarry

On January 15 a spokesman for Eminem’s label confirmed that he and former wife, Kim have wedded. The couple was originally married in 1999 and divorced in 2001, but have now been together since December.

Eminem, whose legal name is Marshall Mathers, and Kim Mathers (who kept Marshall’s name) met in high school and had a child, Hailie Jade in 1995.

Though troubles were had and words were said, the love was always there. In “Kim” from Eminem’s 2000 release, The Marshall Mather’s LP, the ever-so-soft-spoken Eminem professes his troubles with his ex.

Though subtle, the anger and frustration over a love that couldn’t work was highly emotional. We all knew when he sang, “Don’t you get it b****, no one can hear you/Now shut the f*** up and get what’s coming to you,” that it was all just a phase and he really did love her.

Maybe his most powerful lines about his frustration over a lost love come at the end of “Kim” when he professes, “Now BLEED, B**** BLEED! BLEED, B**** BLEED! BLEED (repeat 2x)!”

There were also custody battles over their daughter and Eminem is known for including Hailie in his lyrics. He always seemed to have wanted to include her in activities with his ex, such as in “97 Bonnie and Clyde” from his debut album, The Slim Shady LP, when he brings her to a beach with Kim in a trunk.

He sings, “And mama said she wants to show how far she can float/And don’t worry about that little boo-boo on her throat/It’s just a little scratch.”

A good father always tries to include the entire family.

With bickering and custody battles behind them, here is wishing Marshall and Kim a wonderful and long-lasting marriage. Good luck and best wishes.