Empty yo’ pockets

Tess Ruswick FreshmanContents:Nail Clipper: In case she needs to clip her nails on the go.Yellow highlighter: No young academic’s bag is complete without one.Lucky Charm: “I got it free in a tea box,” Ruswick said. Guess she’s always getting lucky.CD: “This mixed CD is a gift from my suitemate, Laura,” she said. Cell-phone: Duh.? Earrings: “I’ve had them in my purse since 12th grade, when I totally rocked them out every day,” she said.Banana: “I can snap a banana in half in one swift motion,” she said. And she demonstrated!Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss: Keeping lips smooth and shiny through the winter season.Green Nail polish: Not goth, but not too girly. Work Study Check: “I do work study in Marsh ? Life Science in the Bio Lab,” she said.Conclusion: A unique purse for a unique lady. Joseph Thomas SeniorContents:Walkie Talkie: He works as a building manager at the Davis Center – or so he claims. (Secret Service, anyone?)Garage Door Opener: Also directly related to his Davis Center duties.Two cell phones: “I have two phones because someone might call you who you don’t want to talk to, and you need a backup phone,” Thomas said. “No, no, I have two phones because I’m a building manager.” Suuuuuure.Hawaiian Lip Balm: “I like the taste of fruitiness ? on my lips,” he said. Cash: A necessity.? Buy seven Lunch Combos, Get one Free Coupon from Brennan’s: Yes, but then you’d have to get seven meals from Brennan’s. Eww.Conclusion: Building manager with a twist. And he has massive pockets. Maybe he should talk to banana girl.