[exclai]ation points

Trans AmSex Change(Thrill Jockey)No matter what your sex, Trans Am’s latest has the ability to get people dancing with their synth-pop. Standout tracks include “Obscene Strategies,” “First Words” and “4,738 Regrets,” which is also the number of times I listened to the song.AqueductOr Give Me Death(Barsuk)While the band has grown in size with new members, it has yet to evolve in interest or complexity. The new album offers vocals more annoying than some of my professor’s off-pitch, boring lectures. Don’t waste your time buying the album, unless you are looking for another generic indie-pop experience.K-OSAtlantis: Hymns ofDisco(Virgin)K-OS’ ability to tread the lines of hip-hop, soul, funk and rock has always been his fort??, however what he does best may also be his downfall on “Atlantis.” On his latest release, K-OS fails to adhere to the age-old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. At its best, Atlantis is brilliant, channeling the energies of black social commentary via Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder. Other times, he falls into monotony and experimental mish-mash.The Black LipsLos Valientes DelMundo Nuevo(Vice)The Black Lips’ first album since 2005 and their fourth album overall sounds a little like the more “tore-up” Replacements recordings of the 1980’s in Minneapolis. The album was recorded live in Tijuana and Cole Alexander’s vocals sound what it’s like in my head while cleaning up last night’s party, deciding whether or not to put the cigarette butts floating in my best wine glass in the garbage or down the disposal in the sink. Pacha MassiveAll Good Things(Nacional)Recalling the Brazillian Girls’ sultry and sensuous beats and vocals, Pacha Massive blends alternative pachanga” with hip-hop and funk, creating Latin songs fit for little else than the club