Facebook goes downhill

Once upon a time there was this magical social network called Facebook. This Internet-based community brought campuses together and created a new way to stay in touch with friends from home. Unfortunately, this Web site has seriously gone down the drain andhas completely deteriorated the social constructs of our generation. Granted, this is not a new argument. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, let high schoolstudents in on the fun, the quality has fallen into the ranks of – dare we say – MySpace. Has Zuckerberg learned nothing from the child predator specials on “Dateline”? In the good ol’ days, you could get in touch with people in your courses when you lost your textbook or missed a class with a click on your profile. Now that application is gone for?ever and in it’s place are plenty ofother useless applications to make up for it. You can pretend to be a vampire and virtually bite all your friends tomake them fake vampires … You can further exaggerate your alcoholism and send friends virtual drinks … The winner of all pathetic applications – you can Compare People! As if our society didn’t exaggerate the self-gratifying effects of putting down other people, you can now utilize Facebook to insult your friends! “Fred Girard has compared you against Molly J. and he thinks you’re artsier.” And since when did the word “friend” become a verb? Facebook has no title for “cute girl I saw in the Grundle once” or “friend of a friend who likes DMB, too” so we generalize all acquaintances into “friends.” Who REALLY has 352 friends? There are so many things wrong with what goes on Facebook that it’s hard to sympathize with students who face grave consequences because of it. Imagine what further generations will think of us when they see the photos we upload on Facebook. There is NO SUCH THING as privacy. Especially when it’s posted onto a Web site that carries your full name and contact information. Did you really think including your room number/dorm name was a good idea? In denial that you’re growing up and need to start maturing into an adult? Let’s see who’ll hire you when they see you in some basement guzzling beer through a funnel. So you take the chance that your employer is too old to think about checking your profile. That’s a hefty chance to take now that Facebook is open to everyone. Just wait, your Aunt Sherry will be “friending” you shortly. Just what you always wanted when you joined Facebook. Search YouTube for “Facebook infomercial parody” for a good laugh and wake-up call.