Faculty salaries will see freeze next year

Students keeping tabs on the budget for the 2012 fiscal year may be wondering how these cuts affect their professors and administrators. A fiscal year 2012 update was released to the UVM community on March 15, including new information on the budget as well as administrative goals to reduce the effects of the shortfall in funds. As part of the University’s budget reduction strategy, there will be a zero percent salary increase for all employees, according to the budget update. “We believe the most difficult of these decisions were simply unavoidable and we are grateful that others reflect our ability to maintain our footing in critical areas,” the update stated. This decision was one of eight broad strategic decisions made to address the FY 2012 budget gap, including tuition increases and reductions in academic areas, the update said. The Board of Trustees will make final changes and vote on the budget at their meeting on May 20, according to a budget-planning calendar.