Fashion casualty…ripped jeans

There are many things that defy explanation in fashion. One of the most baffling trends are pre-ripped jeans. It’s hard enough being a student and keeping clothes neat and untattered, so why would people intentionally destroy their clothing?Don’t get me wrong, jeans don’t look bad on people who choose to wear them. It’s difficult to understand why someone would pay an exorbitant amount of money for already-damaged goods. I don’t buy used underwear or a shirt with food stains on them, so I don’t understand the principle behind this trend. “I mean you could pay upwards of hundreds of dollars and be running around in a raggedy loin cloth,” said UVM student Rachel Oberst. “If you pay me money I will take your jeans and wear them until they are ripped, whether you are a boy or a girl,” said UVM student Christopher Bloomfield. “I like them,” said Jen Rispoli, a UVM student and supporter of the ripped jeans. No one should feel compelled to follow the opinion of others. However, the idea of ripped jeans is the illusion of use, you buy clothing that has never been worn, but appears to have been. What would be next clothes with fake sweat on them? It seems hard what the look of the ripped jeans to is supposed to convey. It seems like it means that you are too lazy to be active in your clothing so you pretend that you actually do in order to be hip. I thought the idea of fitting in involved more then pretending to do something, but actually being an active human being. I guess being cool means having the energy of a tree sloth with the high income to hide it.