Film review: Science of Sleep

“Science of Sleep” reveals an imaginative world through the eyes of a mixed up and self-hating but lovable main characternamed St??phane, played by Gael Garc??a Bernal (“Motorcycle Diaries,” “Y Tu MamaTamb??en”). Bernal gives an outstanding performance in a role that could be played by few.St??phane is a mixed up boy, entranced by his dreams and uncertain of the line between his imagination and reality. Themovie starts with St??phane moving to Paris after being enticed by an “artistic job offer” by his mother. After one day of work he realizes that there is no art involved. Rather, he sits in a basement gluing paper.St??phane turns to his imagination, mainly while sleeping, to keep him entertained. He attends work less and less for the durationof film, spending more and more time in his fantasy world.St??phanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), St??phane’s neighbor and eventual love interest, helps him create his “otherworld.” St??phanie is a beautiful artist with an imagination just as creative and inventive as the protagonist’s. With the help of amazing cinematography, the film is endlessly pleasing to the eye. Not only are the characters’ costumesstunning, but the set is like something out of a dream (coincidence?). “Science of Sleep” may be targeting the indie crowd, and those who enjoyed “EternalSunshine of the Spotless Mind” will likely enjoy it. Michel Gondry, the director of both “Science of Sleep” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” has talent in piecing movies together. He has worked previously on music videos for Bjork, The White Stripes and Beck, and his full-length movies bear a resemblance to that style.Gondry, often criticized for his cinematography being too abstract for an effective fulllength film, proves he can gobeyond the realm of music videos.”Science of Sleep” is a crazy mess at times, but effectively resembles a long dream-bizarre and uncanny-leaving the viewer confused at times. The sensationis like waking up from an extraordinary dream: perplexed but itching for more.”Science of Sleep” exercises talent from all involved. Few movies that come out are this witty and fun, while also leavingthe viewer touched.