Five more students resign from Student Government

Five students have resigned from the Student Government Association over the past three weeks, in addition to multiple resignations over the summer. The recent resignations include sophomores Dmitri Linde and Jason Katz, junior Jesse-Ruth Corkins and seniors Julian Golfarini and McClain Cheney, according to SGA Vice President David Maciewicz. “This is very typical for the end of the semester,” Maciewicz said. “People realize they have a time restriction and are unable to stay on because of work obligations, or class time during the meetings. Most people that resign do so because they simply can’t fulfill the time commitment anymore.” Typically students joining should be able to commit to 10-15 hours a week but some students join thinking the only time commitment is the SGA meeting every Tuesday at 7 p.m., according to Maciewicz. “So often people joining the senate think that the group only convenes on Tuesday evenings and that’s that,” SGA President Kofi Mensah said. “But there is so much more that goes on in order to make sure business can actually be brought up on the senate floor.” Though joining the SGA is a time commitment, students who remain on board say they do so for a reason. “Being new to UVM, I wasn’t sure what to expect from SGA, but I really do enjoy being on senate,” first-year and SGA member Alyssa Ravech said. “It can be a lot of work, but the experience is what you make it.” One empty seat has already been filled but four vacancies remain, Maciewicz said. The SGA will review applications that were due by midnight on Nov. 10 and decide whether to take on some or all of the applicants during the next meeting, according to Maciewicz. “Resignations are always sad because you become friends with the students, but we’d rather have people who have time for this,” Maciewicz said. “Everyone who joins SGA is a student first; this is a reality. However, we have 42 students to represent the entire student body well and if you can’t put in the time, then you’re doing a disservice to the students and all the people who voted for you.” The SGA is always looking for new people and reviewing applications. If anyone is interested in applying, the application is available at SGA on the Lynx website. “There are seven committees on the SGA that do different things,” Maciewicz said. “We are looking for diverse students who will fit these different types of position. We are looking for motivated students who can handle extra work, are good with time management, and typically students who have some sort of leadership role in the past.”