Focus of new film: finding ways to reuse

Kelsey Neubauer, Staff Writer

reuseAn environmental justice film premiered at Merrill’s Roxy theater this week.

“REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet,” directed by  Alex Eaves, made its Burlington premier at the local theater Sept. 10.

The screening was hosted by Eaves and the Peace and Justice Center.

The Peace and Justice Center of Vermont has been a leader in working with businesses, nonprofit organizations, activists and volunteers for the cause of  social justice for more than 35 years, according to their website.

The film focuses on the necessity of reusing products.

“One of the most important things about the reuse message is that recycling is not going to do it for us, it is not enough,” Eaves said.

Eaves searched the country for people who find innovative ways to reuse, according to the film.

Sophomore Claire Charde, an environmental science major and Greenhouse resident, said the film is a great way to engage the public on social and environmental issues facing the world today.

“Good documentaries will help [expose people to public issues],” Charde said. “Think about the impact of the documentary about the Seaworld whale, Blackfish … Seaworld became a huge topic of moral concern for a lot of people” she said.

Eaves said that his documentary is unique in how it presents issues such as global climate change.

“This documentary is not about problems, it is about solutions,” he said.

Sophomore Charlotte Goodrich said UVM has allowed on-campus students to live a greener life.

“It is so much easier to live more mindful here, as opposed to at home, because of all the propaganda surrounding living green, “ she said.