Fogel gets $700 chair


Headline: Fogel gets $700 chair

Subhead: University renovates former president’s new office Byline: Brent Summers, News Editor Apparently former President Daniel Mark Fogel still holds the highest seat at UVM. The administration recently spent $5200 to renovate Fogel’s new office in Old Mill, including the purchase of a $700 chair, according to a public records request filed by Seven Days.

Here is a breakdown of the money spent furnishing his new office:

$1,882 to purchase and install shelves $1,388 for movers $699 for a chair $683 to replace carpeting $247 for a printer $170 for a two-drawer filing cabinet $130 for cleaning and recycling Fogel will remain on paid leave until 2013, when he plans to return to teaching in the English department. 


Some students said they disagree with spending money on luxurious chairs when UVM is in trouble financially.


“That’s ridiculous,” first-year Becca Dillon said. “It seems like they could be using the money for the University, not a single person’s comforts.”


Other students said they were left thinking about why such a chair is needed.


“I’d love to know what a $700 chair feels like,” first-year Brandon Egan said. “That’s a lot of money. And why is it always Fogel?”