Fogel Slapped on Wrist for Sexual Misconduct

Last Thursday UVM Chief of Police Gary Margolis announced via e-mail an historic sanctioning against UVM President Daniel Fogel. The sanction was related to what Margolis claims was “gross sexual misconduct and abuse of power” perpetrated by the current UVM President.”It was time to say something. We just had too many complaints, there were too many gropings and cases of indecent exposure for us to ignore it any longer. Something had to be done.”That something was a firm slap on the wrist administered just after noon last Friday in front of the Waterman Administration building. Many students and Burlington residents were in attendance during the “slapping”. Among the most disturbing indictments that prompted Friday’s slapping was a charge from Jose Scantor, UVM graduate, centered around a number of private meetings Scantor had with Fogel, described by Scantor as “harmless mentoring sessions that became darkly sexual”. “I thought it was about time something happened,” commented Scantor. “He’s touched me too many times for this to go unpunished. I’m glad he’s been slapped…(sob, sob, sob) excuse – I can’t! Not now!”While the UVM community has stood firmly behind Margolis, there are some who characterize the “slapping” as unjust, the most vocal of which has been WRUV DJ Lionel Palardy.”Hell, if I got slapped on the wrists everytime I groped a student, or publicly exposed myself, I wouldn’t have no more wrists left!”Added Palardy: “Yeeeeehhhhhaaaaawwwww!!!!”While the UVM and greater Burlington community have called for increased sanctions against the UVM Presdient, the mood in the President’s office has been decidedly solemn, with many administration insiders fearing reprisal for publicly commenting on the “Touch-Gate” scandal. Perhaps the most deafening silence to date has come from Fogel himself, who has refused comment until Friday’s exclusive interview with The Cynic. “Don’t you get it? I’m above the law and I’ll do whatever I want. F**k Margolis and f**k Scantor! Can’t nobody stop Danny boy from getting himself some touch, and that’s the truth. Now you can cry about it and scream, but the “D” in D. Fogel, stand for dank, and that’s the way it is. Now get your reporting ass over here…I only got ten minutes left for my lunch break.”Although the slapping is the first sanction of its kind levied against a sitting UVM President, it may signal a more confrontational relationship between the Fogel administration and UVM community. Indeed, the slapping presents a precedent that may curb all felonious sexual activity stemming from Daniel Fogel that may come to shape future administration goals.