Fogel, You want my Lunch Money Too?

Upon reading the email that was sent to the senior class by President Daniel Fogel on February 3rd, 2004, we were greatly disappointed in the decision that was made designating President Fogel the speaker at commencement. Being that Dr. Fogel will obviously be involved in the commencement ceremonies, it does not seem necessary for him to act as our keynote speaker. President Fogel stated in his email that “upon the strong urging of members of the University community” he decided to be the speaker. The question that begs to be asked is which members of the UVM community? The majority of senior class members we’ve talked to do not remember being asked who they would like their speaker to be. Furthermore, this commencement gives President Fogel yet another stage to speak about his grand ideas for the University. While we understand the importance of such high goals and aspirations for our soon-to-be alma mater, it feels as though the efforts which we have put forth over the past four years are not being honored and will be taking second-place to the President’s goals. Is this commencement about our fine senior class of 2004, or President Fogel’s plans for the University of Vermont after we’ve left? We feel that if this commencement is truly intended to honor and reflect the hard work of our class, the senior class should not only have A say, but THE say in who speaks at our graduation.