Current Record through week eight: 18 – 18New Orleans at Atlanta This is a big game for both these offensive oriented teams. The Saints can Brees through the air while Michael Turner has the bird getting dirty on the ground. The Saints are coming off a well-deserved bye week after their high scoring escapade across the pond. The Falcons have done well against weak defenses this year so look for them to prey on the Saints D.Falcons 31, Saints 23 St. Louis at New York (Jets)St. Louis seems to be getting better each week, while the Jets are in an open race for the AFC East. Stephen Jackson should be healthy, but the Jets defensive line should be able to keep him at bay. The Jets can put up points and the Rams can give them up in a hurry. If the Rams can hold the Jets under 25, we may be in for an upset.Jets 35, Rams 27Buffalo at New England Both these teams are balanced, veteran teams with young guys under center. Bills QB Trent Edwards is a rising star and Matt Cassel is making strides himself. Marshawn Lynch needs to step up with WR Josh Reed out. The Pats will lock up Lynch with that beefy D and shut down the only downfield threat in Bills WR Lee Evans. I hate to say it, but the Pats take this one at home.Patriots 24, Bills 20 Denver at Cleveland I’ve put far too much faith in Cleveland this year. In this matchup, we have a bad Browns offense against a weak Broncos D, while the Broncos offense is a lit fuse matching up against a surprisingly decent Browns D. Only Tony Romo has put over 300 yards on the Browns, so if they can keep Cutler in check, we may see some hope for Cleveland. Browns 35, Broncos 28 New York (Giants) at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia fans are going crazy over the World Series. The City of Brotherly Love has the best fans out there and they’ll still be fired up after watching their baseball team win it all. Let’s throw the stats out the window for this one and give it up for Philly fans who will give the Eagles the push they need to beat the champs.Eagles 27, NY Giants 24San Francisco at ArizonaSan Francisco is holding down the basement in the NFC West, while Arizona heads the weak division. The Cardinals need this win to showcase their talent on primetime TV and to solidify themselves as the best in the division. The Niners have given up a lot of points and, as of week nine, the Cards lead the league in scoring. Look for the Cards to put up big numbers.Cardinals 41, 49ers 28