Record as of Week 11: 27-24San Francisco at Dallas Finally Tony Romo is back. Big sigh of relief for Cowboy fans whose playoff hopes may be slipping away. After having a long NFL talk with a ‘Boys fan this week, I believe that Dallas is play-off bound. Romo will waste no time trying to rack up victories. Unfortunately for Niners fans, the only improvement SF has made is Coach Singeltary keeping his pants on. Cowboys 30, San Francisco 21 Tampa Bay at Detroit I’m going to do it. I’m going to pick the Lions. Honestly, I don’t think the Lions are even going to win a game this season. But let’s pretend that Dante Culpepper and his old knees are going to shock the world on Sunday and the Lions will somehow find a way to beat the Bucs. Then we’ll pretend that Detroit’s auto industry isn’t as hopeless as their football team. Detroit 24, Tampa Bay 23 Minnesota at Jacksonville Jacksonville went on a three-week stint of playing three very weak opponents (CLE, CIN, DET), and only came out with ONE win! The Vikings are better than all three of those teams and showed that they are ready to win the division by beating Green Bay in week 10. I’ll go with the Vikes in this one. Minnesota 19, Jacksonville 17 Indianapolis at San Diego Both teams need this win bad and I expect this Sunday matchup to be hard hitting and very exciting. Indianapolis’s free-fall from the class of the AFC to mediocrity has been disrupted by a few weeks of solid football. Beating the rival Patriots gave them some juice and I’m looking for them to keep rolling. Indy 25, San Diego 20 Green Bay at New Orleans There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the success of Aaron Rodgers and the stability the Pack have maintained through the loss of their legend. As much as I didn’t want to, I’m buying into it. Not because of Rodgers so much but because of the defense, especially against the pass. Charles Woodson and Nick Collins look to be pro-bowl bound. Green Bay 28, New Orleans 23