Cincinnati @ New York JetsCincinnati has been so unbelievably bad this year. Their offense lies limply at the bottom of the league and their defense can’t salvage the lack of offensive. The Jets, on the other hand, are a team that is coming together and beginning to roll behind the O.G. (Either Old Guy or Original Gangsta, whichever you prefer). Jets take it, but with Palmer back, Cincy keeps it close.Jets 37, Bengals 28New England @ San DiegoPrimetime playoff rematch. This time the Chargers have their play?maker, Gates, and the Pats are beat up by injury. The incumbent starter for the Pats is still unknown. A lot depends on who is under center for this game. I have to go with the team that wants vengeance, and that’s San Diego.Chargers 34, New England 26New York Giants @ ClevelandOn Monday night, the Giants look to tower over the stagnant Browns. Braylon Edwards has voiced his frustration with QB Derek Anderson. Unstable locker room translates into bad chemistry on the field. The Giants have it all put together and Cleveland will become another notch on their belt as they venture toward a second straight Super Bowl appearance.Giants 27, Cleveland 19Jacksonville @ DenverJay Cutler is a loose cannon right now. He is on pace to throw for 4,800 yards going in to Week 5, with a QB rating of 98! The biggest weakness on the Jacksonville team: Pass defense. Looks like trouble for a tough Jaguars team, who have had a very tough schedule thus far. If the altitude doesn’t get to them, Cutler will.Broncos 25, Jacksonville 17 Philadelphia @ San Francisco J.T. O’Sullivan hasn’t made much noise in the league, but he has been a very impressive replacement for the Kwame Brown of the NFL: Alex Smith. Philly is a frustrating team to watch; one week they look unstoppable, the next they look flat. In Week 6 I think Philly will come out strong with their dynamic running backs and potent passing game and overwhelm the Niners.Eagles 26, 49ers 20 Detroit at Minnesota My hometown team – the Lions – are rather embarrassing. Kitna is mistake-prone and extremely talented receivers seem to waste away in Detroit. Minnesota is being led by Ferotte as their fans pray for Tavarius Jackson to improve. Detroit can’t run the ball or contain the run and that’s Minnesota’s biggest strength. Vikings edge by the lowly Lions in a low scoring game. Vikings 21, Detroit 13