Green Bay at Tennessee Coming off the bye week, I expect Green Bay to push the Titans until the end. Offensively, the Pack have steady skill position players and a strong Pass D, which leads the league in picks. They are giving up over 120 yards per game on the ground, so watch out for Titan RBs Chris Johnson and Lendale White to take advantage and win this on the ground. Titans 24, Packers 21Houston at MinnesotaHouston has a nice, steady offense and steadily bad defense. Fortunately for the Texans, Minnesota has a Houdini offense that will disappear for long stretches of time. Steve Slaton won’t do much against the Viking D line so it will be up to Matt Schaub to put the Texans into scoring position. I think he will do that enough for the W. Texans 35, Minnesota 27Miami at DenverMiami has a bit of talent but lacks consistency. Denver’s defense is the weakness the ‘Fins must exploit. They have two fast and powerful backs in Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown, and if they get going we may be in for an upset. Then again, they are going from sea-level to “Mile-High” territory. I’ll pick ’em anyway.Dolphins 26, Broncos 24Dallas at New York (Giants) Without Tony Romo until mid-November the ‘Boys need to start worrying about the playoffs. They’ll make it, but they play in one of the toughest, if not the toughest, division in football. It must be painful for Cowboy fans to watch Brad Johnson taking snaps, and he definitely won’t be enough to beat the champs. We’ll see a wider margin of victory than in the NFC championship game. Giants 36, Cowboys 20 New England at Indianapolis Just last year, this was a matchup that had fans drooling. This year it’s just not the same. The headless Pats and underachieving Colts seem to be holding hands as the franchises decline. However, this will probably be a good, close game. I think Peyton will show Matt Cassel a few things with his play and conduct a win for the home crowd. Colts 28, Pats 23Pittsburgh at WashingtonI’m diggin’ the Redskins this year. Other than the fact that this will be an awesome game, what is equally intriguing is that the team that represents our nation’s capital has such a viciously politically incorrect name. The REDSKINS? Are you serious? There’s no getting around it. It’s almost comical that it hasn’t been changed yet. So I’ll pick the politically incorrect mascot. Redskins 20, Steelers 16