Foreign languages to be requisite for Arts and Sciences students in 2008

Last spring, the College of Arts and Sciences faculty voted to change the distribution requirements for the bachelor of arts degree. Students entering the pro?gram in the fall semester of 2008 will be required to complete two courses in the same language and of appropriate level, instead of only one. Joel Goldberg, associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, explained that students who have taken four years of a given language before college will not be able to fulfill this requirement with level 001 or 002 classes of the same language. On the other hand, students who are beginning a language for the first time will be permitted to complete these levels. Currently, students enrolled in the B.A. program in the College of Arts and Sciences are mandated to satisfy six out of the seven various requirements. These include fine arts, foreign language, humanities, natural sciences, literature, mathematical sciences and social sciences, according to the 2007-2008 distribution requirements. In addition to another language requirement, the new students of the B.A. program will have to fulfill all seven of these categories, according to Goldberg. This change, however, will not affect those already enrolled in the College, and it will not be extended to those pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree.