Four Corners, four stars

The first time that my friends and I drove by Four Corners of the Earth, we missed it completely. Located in the basement of a brick industrial building, we had to drive up and down Pine Street twice before finally spotting the sign for the sandwich place. Once inside, however, it became clear that Four Corners is not a place to be missed.The restaurant is decorated like a slightly cracked-out dorm room. Colorful paintings line the walls, including one of the Virgin Mary with a visible heart. Statues of a happy genie and a my-size Barbie are strategically placed. The Latin-American music added to the ambience. The menu was a little bit overwhelming in scope. They offer everything from a BLT to a Jamaican Avocado sandwich, rendering the more indecisive among us speechless. Even the drink selection was larger-than-expected, with exotic soda brands like Naked Soda and Izzie. Choices were eventually made, however, and we sat down to eat.The food was unilaterally delicious. Made with fresh, quality ingredients and delicious bread, there was not a problematic sandwich in the bunch. Most sandwiches had some form of lettuce, on?ions and mayonnaise, but beyond the basics, no two were alike. One of my favorite dishes was the greek artichoke sandwich, which had an excellent use of balsamic vinegar. The Japanese tuna, a soy-flavored tuna sandwich, was also a hit and a far better option than the traditional American lunchbox fare.The Hawaiian Ham was both sweet and savory, a delicious combination of both ham and pineapple. Though the proportions were, for the most part, expertly done, it would have benefited from less mayo. The Thai Chicken was also a little bit heavy on the mayo and, though delicious, had my eyes watering with its unbelievably spicy peanut sauce. Though the Vermont Ham was excellent, with extremely fresh tomatoes, it probably behooves the customer to experiment with the more unique options available. After all, there aren’t many places that offer an Argentinian Beef sandwich with pickles-and pull it off well.Four Corners emphatically rescues sandwiches from that dark, crustless era of before, when cucumber was considered an acceptable filling and when Wonderbread was gourmet. Go, and share with your friends so that you can sample more of their extensive menu. And be careful not to drive by it the first time around.