Free Trade

Members and supporters of WRUV gathered for a record swap, a viewing of selected scenes from Pavement’s documentary, “Slow Century,” and a chance to hear the Flaming Lips’ experimental four-disc album “Zaireeka,” played synchronically on four different CD players.When David Engler, a DJ at the radio station, was a student at UVM back in 2002, WRUV put on a similar event to showcase “Zaireeka,” and about 40 people came out to join in the fun.The turnout this time was sparse, but with more publicity, the event could have been a great success.His motive for playing the albums again was that, “he just thinks it’s fun,” and that he wanted to give kids something to do “instead of smoking pot.” WRUV’s idea was to give students a place to chill out and listen to some good music that they may have never heard all while swapping books, CDs, records, art or really anything that they wanted to get rid of. When you think about it, how many CDs do you have that if you listened to one more time you might kill yourself?Or what about a book that you loved that is now just collecting dust on your shelf? A swap could be a great way to acquire some new stuff while cleaning out your closet and saving some money — and who doesn’t love that?