Freestyle Skiing

John O’Malley Class of 2007 5 Giorgetti blvd. Rutland, Vermont 05701The Vermont CynicTo the Editor School’s Out For Winter In a recent October issue of Freeskier Magazine, I came across an article having to do with freestyle jibbing in a Colorado high school. For all you “herbs” who don’t know anything about new-age skiing, a jib, or grind, is when a skier or boarder rides down a metal railing. I was introduced to this piece by my roommate, whose good friend from high school (Steele Spence) was featured in the article. In the article, recent alums and professional skiers, including Steele Spence, returned to a local high school to hold a jib session on a 20-stair handrail located in the school hallways. I know what you’re all thinking. They broke into the school to hit the rail, but actually the high school principal allowed the crew to session the rail. Now why can’t this happen at the University of Vermont? I just hope that the university can be open-minded to sponsoring these kind of outdoor activities, like Battle Mountain High School, in Colorado. I know there are a large amount of die-hard skiers and boarders out there, who would just love to hit up the Underground rail. Or even the rails just outside of the Lafayette building. Just imagine it being the start of fall and no snow in sight. How about filling 30 garbage barrels full of snow to be used for the in-run itself. I know you all have thought about skiing during the non-snow seasons yourselves, and if only we can have a safe environment to hold a “jib” session, then I can pray for a miracle.