General education questions answered

Students interested in learning about how general education could work at UVM may soon have some answers. The General Education Committee is going to meet with the Faculty Senate on April 25 to discuss the progress of general education, said Brian Reed, the administrative co-chair of the committee. “The committee has approved outcomes, developed premises and a motion that they are going to be taking to curricular affairs and hopefully the full Senate,” Reed said. “They have also developed a flow chart to show broad strokes of process and where the checks and balances are.” Reed and the rest of the committee requested a special meeting with the Faculty Senate that would be completely dedicated to discussing the proposed general education agenda. “At the meeting on [April 25], our intent would be to present to everyone what this is about, to recap where we are and the overall outcomes approach and why it is important,” Reed said. By the end of the meeting, everyone should have some greater idea about general education, how it would take place and how it would be funded, Reed said. Gavin Caster, a Student Government Association senator, said he has been involved in the general education from the start. “The General Education Committee worked incredibly hard to take make this as open as possible with meetings in the Davis Center and constant polling of faculty opinion on what outcomes they think UVM should have,” Caster said. The Faculty Senate has been critical, but that’s important because criticism is necessary for improvement, Caster said. The Faculty Senate and the General Education Committee will meet at 4 p.m. in the Memorial Lounge in Waterman.