George Bush is Way Worse than Bin Laden is

During these Democratic political primaries, in which various upper class white men are struggling to take control of the “opposition” to the ruling Republican party, a few questions must be asked relating to the major tenant of the Democratic platform; opposition to the imperialist war in Iraq.With the exception of Howard Dean (who was a governor and not in the senate), and the Rev. Al Sharpton (who holds no political office), all of the major Democratic candidates voted in favor of going to war in Iraq. On the surface this would seem to admit a willing complicit ness in not only the murder of thousands of Iraqi people, but also in the widespread duping of the American people. Not so, argues John Kerry and his co-contenders. They argue that they were fooled into going to war, that they had no choice but to believe President Bush, due to his stellar record for honesty and integrity. They say that at the time the invasion was imminent, they were fairly certain that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that Sadaam was plotting world domination from his lair in castle Greyskull. My question to these men would be this. I, as well as ten million other people across the world (in the largest demonstration in world history) saw through the blatant lies and misinformation being spread by Bush and his cohorts. Why couldn’t you supposedly educated men, as the elected leaders of this country, not see through the thin veil of Bush’s lies? If you were in fact duped by the president, doesn’t that imply more an incredible stupidity on your part than an incredible craftiness on the part of Bush?If one were for a minute to actually assume that what these men says is true, and that they were fooled by the sly Bush regime, there is no way that I would vote for any of them, for they are obviously mentally deficient. In fact, any of the millions of protestors who have come out in opposition to the war would clearly be a better choice for president.Of course, ignorance and stupidity are not the reasons that these men voted to send young Americans such as us off to die for the benefit of a few rich men. The real reason is that all these men are politicians, who when the time was right for blind patriotism and state-sponsored murder jumped right up on the bandwagon. Now that an election is coming, all of these men have changed tune, because now the time has come for “left wing” politics to re-emerge, so that the Democrats can win this next installment of the American political game. They are no less guilty than Bush, for these were the men who should have admitted the lies the government was pushing upon the people way back before they brought our country into all-out war.That said, I will be voting this year. I despise with a passion every viable candidate (I would have voted for Sharpton), yet I recognize that the incredible evil that is the Bush administration must be stopped by any means necessary. This is not the time in American politics to express you disdain by not voting, or by voting for a candidate with no chance of unseating Bush.This is a time when we must all give over our souls to the lesser of the white devils, allowing, at least for another four years, the major players to get all the game time. Anyone but Bush in 2004.I firmly believe that had Gore been elected president, he probably would have made the same mistakes that Bush has made, that being allowing the murder of innocent people to satisfy America’s bloodlust. But at least he would have done it with a bit more couth and humility, and slightly less fundamental Christian fervor. That may not seem like a better alternative, but to me it’s better than what we have right now.Granted, my voting for the democratic nominee this election will probably signal my gradual selling-out as I begin to approach middle age and start to actually believe the things these men tell me, but I feel it necessary. If you believe, as I do, that George W. Bush is possibly the most dangerous threat to peace and freedom across the globe, then you must accept the feeling of disgust that will come from voting for John Kerry, or whomever else.