Getting to know the SGA candidates

For the office of president:Kevin Issadore, class of 2010 I decided to run for SGA president because I believe I can bring a new direction and purpose to the Student Government. I have a unique perspective as a result of my involvement on campus. I truly believe this has given me the experience and know-how to re-align the SGA as both a representative and amember of this community.Bryce Jones class of 2011 My goals in my platform are: improve the reputation of SGA through better service to students, solidarity and promote justice.  The reason I picked these goals is to focus on the SGA as an organization and what can be done to improve it. One goal that I didn’t mention in my platform, but is something that is very important to me, is that the “fun” doesn’t get too far away. I want to make sure that we remain a happy and excited student body.For the office of vice president:Kate Ash, class of 2010 As vice president, I will work toward empowering students and making unique connections I think are necessary to the role of the SGA leadership.  This outreach is crucial to the relationship between students and the SGA and is one that I am confident and prepared to begin.Amanda Wong, class of 2010 My goals focus on transparency, accountability and accessibility. From the outside, it looks like just another group of students who spend time in the SGA Office, meet once a week and do some ridiculous things.Regardless of whether or not I am elected as the SGA vice president, I want Senate to have a better connection with the people we are representing.