Global Warming: it’s our problem

In front of a packed Ira Allen Chapel, with overflow seating in the CC Theatre, David said, “It’s not about politics. It’s about ethics.”Laurie David, the wife of comedian Larry David, has worked with environmentalgroups and is a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council. She is also involved with many activist groups combating global warming. David recently released her first book, “The solution is you: Stop Global Warming.”David spoke extensively about the United States’ personal responsibilities to take steps to stop global warming. David cited scientist James Hanson, who contends that the earth has 10 years to slow down global warming. “It is still our choice,” said David. David also highlighted the success that individual colleges across the country were having in regards to the problem of global warming.David spoke about the University of Florida at Gainesville, which has upgraded its vehicular fleet to hybrid cars.The successes of UVM’s environmental steps did not go unnoticed. David praised the green buildings at UVM and the bookstore’s sale of energy saving mini-fridges.”The sacrifice is only if do nothing,” David said. “We have to have a very serious and immediate shift in attitude.” David also discussed the film “An Inconvenient Truth,” her latest project, that she produced. An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary featuring former Vice President Al Gore presenting a lecture on global warming.David hopes that the fight against global warming will promote a “clean green industrial movement.” She believes that there is a lot of potential both for business and technology with going green. David pushed for the documentary to be presented in science classrooms across the country. She recently wrote an editorial in the Washington Post after the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) turned down her gift of 50,000 free copies of”An Inconvenient Truth.” David accused the NSTA of refusing to present “An Inconvenient Truth” to students because of the large monetary support that the NSTA hasreceived from groups such as Exxon Mobil.”NSTA has distributed a video produced by API called “You Can’t Be Cool WithoutFuel,” a shameless pitch for oil dependence,” David said in the Nov. 26 Washington Post editorial David has started a Web site with Senator John McCain and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Web site,, asks people to join their “virtual march” for global warming awareness. “People build movements and movements move mountains,”David said, urging the crowd to get involved in global warming activism.