Globalization: redefining the United States of America’s jurisdiction

I believe in unlimited political debate to the extremes of every belief (what dont kill us makes us stronger). Ultimately every conclusion must be measured to the highest law of this Republic and if the desired change is not pursuant to the Constitution the people must decide whether or not to modify our rule of law. Nowhere in the Constitution is the president recognized as a leader of the people. He defends the Constitution by carrying out and enforcing the law. He is commander in chief of the military when called by the Congress into service of the United States. He does not make the law he simply recommends to Congress. Are we really still the United States of America? 10/14/04To the editorPlease read: “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America by George Bush, September 17, 2002Congress is our legislative branch of government and the President is the executive branch that carries out the law. There was never any public debate in this nation prior to implementation of a document written by the President titled “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America.” This document is the current working plan of those who occupy the seats of Congress and the Presidency. Our nation has been redesigned (Constitution overthrown) to achieve goals of world dominance and/ with military and economic power. This document defines Globalization, which should be the major issue in this election because our economy and Americans standard of living is being redefined to a new lower level to allow assimilation into “other main centers of global power”. This action is no different than, and is probably a part of, the European Union cancer spreading through Europe and eastern Asia. What is happening with economics, trade, preemptive strikes, diffusing regional conflicts, axis of evil, control of nuclear power and potential weaponry, replacing sovereign governments with democracy, by this nation and “other main centers of global power” is assuming responsibilities and power this nation does not have. Please read this document before you vote. I am sure you will replace all incumbents and reps/dems in the next election, all have become our rulers rather than our representatives working in compliance with the law of the land. You can find a copy of “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America” by doing a web search.SincerelyWilliam Brueckner Sr1421 Shaw Mansion RoadWaterbury Ctr., VT 056771-802-244-7517