Greek chapters urge smokers to butt out

Greek Life and Burlington community members are teaming up to stomp out butts.President of Pi Beta Phi Phu Lam created a program encouraging chapters to start campaigns targeting the dangers of smoking.”It’s meant to bring awareness to social smoking and the negative impacts it has on your health, and how the media perpetuated the image that smoking is cool,” Lam said.The campaigns’ advertisements created by different chapters at UVM are currently being presented in the display cases on the second floor of the Davis Center, she said.Both UVM Greek Life and the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community have joined together through this program to raise awareness about the level of smoking within the Greek chapters and throughout the student body.President of the Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Association Laurence C.Jost said that he had noticed an increase in the number of smokers within AGR, and sought the Burlington Partnership for an allied effort at changing the trend.”[Jost] contacted us two years ago, and that is when we had our first collaboration,” Patti Gannon, Event Planner and Administrator for the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community, said.”Since then, we have had a seminar program every fall and spring for members of the Greek community to try and raise awareness within the chapters about the dangers of smoking,” she said. “College kids need to realize that they are not immune to it just because they are young and healthy; this can be a lifetime habit.”