Greek Profile

Smart, sexy, sophisticated, and witty are words that perfectly describe Blade Price Brown. Blade, a junior, started off his UVM career as an Electrical Engineering major, but he quickly change to a major with little practical applications in the modern world, a Classical Civilizations major. So what will he be able to do with this when he graduates? Well, other than being a hit at stuffy cocktail parties, not too much. Moving past his ability to read, write, and speak Latin and Greek, Blade has a lot going on. He has long been a master of the art of the butterfly knife. He’s the Social Chair of his home on the hill, setting up T’s and other events where copious libations flow and atrocious sorostatutes flock. His suitemate is God, contrary to popular belief God loves to drink; God has two states, very drunk or very hung over, but this is not a profile of God. It’s a profile of Blade. Blade is a social animal. He loves to party, he loves ladies, and he loves getting down on the dance floor. Now let me address those three things in their respective order. Some may call Blade a lightweight because he gets drunk off of six beers, but Blade is not a lightweight. The correct term is booze bag. This is the correct term seeing that he may indeed get wasted off of six beers but he doesn’t stop there, he can hang for the whole night progressively getting more and more wasted. Blade loves ladies and the ladies love him, but he is always faithful to his beautiful girlfriend, Brother Jackie. Jackie is a fixture in the house, always around to keep him inline. Jackie is not a lightweight or a booze bag, unlike Blade she can handle her beer, in fact she can drink him under the table. Blade loves to flirt and he’s good at it. He’ll flirt with the hottest lady at any party, correction, Jackie is the hottest lady at every party he is at, so let’s restate what I earlier said to he’ll flirt with the second hottest girl at every party he is at. But Jackie does not have to worry because Blade never goes past flirting, in fact with the exception of Jackie, Blade had never gotten past the flirting stage with any other lady, ever. Blade gets down on the dance floor, he’s an accomplished in Ballroom and Swing dancing. So as you can clearly see, Blade is the life of any party he goes to. But life is not one big party, and Blade is well aware of that. Around his house he is sometimes known as Doctor Blade. Why doctor? Well, because Blade operates. If something needs to get done around the house, Blade is the man his brothers go to. Whether it be building a Beirut table with the Kayak Clown, or other minor carpentry around the house, Blade finishes the job with functionality and style. Blade Price Browne, the man, the myth, the ledgend.