Green Hill Student News Suffers

To quote a student at Greens Hill College, “The paper is terrible, its just terrible.” Strong words from an irate student too embarrassed to even give her name to the very paper quoting her. She said, “I would not do such dishonor to the family name, not to mention that the Hill Idiot would probably misquote me and misspell my name.” The Hill Idiot is the name coined by the student body to refer to this very paper. When asked, however, if she would like to improve the quality of her rag i.e write for it, she replied that she was simply not interested in working for such a “disorganized and “pig-headed” staff.

Apparently staff meetings are a joke and next to nothing is accomplished aside from editorial banter.

Typical staff meetings run thusly:

Around five o’clock a host of editors cram one side of a conference room and introduce themselves. Then, a bunch of stale news stories, pulled directly from the college website, are discussed. To begin with the stories are already written, and often need no further discussion. Nevertheless there is strict adherence to a policy of no non-college related material being admitted into the paper. And we wonder why no one comes back.

As a result of poor management, complete student apathy and horrendously poorly run meetings the paper looks the way it does.