Greening the Green

To the Editor: I was, and still am, baffled by this idea of Fogel’s to “clean the green!!” He wants to improve visibility? And how does cutting down trees brighten up the campus? While they make great seats, stumps hurt the eyes more than they ease the arse. Moreover, what is to become of the shady spots on the green (or is Fogel only worried about cleaning up all of Burlington’s ‘shady’ spots)? As a recent graduate of UVM, I hope more is planned to replant trees, and I am glad that MY class didn’t leave a tree that would only later be cut down! A class gift is a memorial to the school — not something that can be re-gifted (or cut down, in this case). Vermont is green and Vermont is nature. Let’s keep it that way and even better, let’s create life by planting MORE trees and make Vermont greener.