Ha Ha Ha

To the Editor: The first things I look at when I read the Cynic are the As and Fs. Usually I can agree greatly with you, but I feel that one of your recent Fs is much undeserved. Iam referring to the ‘F’ in regards to “the people who wear very little clothing in an effort to be funny yet torture their bodies. Isn’t that veird?” First off, I bet you have seen the dude who always wears shorts no matter what the temperature outside is and I bet you’ve seen him on those really cold friggin’ days and it has given you a chuckle; if it hasn’t, you have a pretty lame sense of humor. Secondly, if these people are wearing a lack of clothing in an effort to make other people smile and laugh, at least they’re trying. God forbid someone is trying to make our lives more amusing. We should appreciate people who make an effort to humor us-not shun them. I believe these guys should get As, because I know that myself and the other students on my floor greatly appreciate “I wear shorts no matter what the temperature is” guy and everybody else who goes out there and sports minimal clothing in an effort to makes us laugh. Over and above all, I think that there needs to be more people like this at UVM. More laughter and less bitchin’…Kyle JongerdenClass of 2006