Harry Potter Casts Final Spell

The day many Harry Pot-ter fans have been both dread-ing and anticipating is almost here. Bloomsbury Press, the publisher for the wildly popu-lar series, has stated that on Jul. 21st, the seventh and final book will be published. The release of “Harry Pot-ter and the Deathly Hallows” will mark the end of a decade long streak of bestsellers for author J.K. Rowling. Her books have become a world-wide sensation, and they have gained a cult-like following. According to Bloomsbury Press, her latest book, “Har-ry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” sold 2,009,574 copies on the first day it was released in the United Kingdom. This has proven to be the fastest selling book of all time. According to the publish-er’s website, Rowling’s idea for Harry Potter was born 17 years ago on a long train ride from Manchester to King’s Cross, England. Her novels have since earned interna-tional acclaim. To date, the series has sold 325 million copies worldwide and it has been translated into 64 different languages. It is no question that her final book will realize similar success. Along with the rest of the world, many UVM students eagerly anticipate the release of the final book. “They [the books] give kids the drive to believe what they want to be-lieve”, says David Denker. Other students bashfully admit to being fans. “Harry Potter is alright, I guess. I’m not going to run to the book-store to buy it, although I did read the first one… OK fine I read the first three,” said Ra-chel Griffin. Some students took the news of the release of Harry Potter with indifference. “I had the first book read to me and I didn’t really like. I’m not a fan of fantasy. I do like the movies, though.” said Graidi Ainsworth. Students already have plans for the release date of the book. “I am totally going to dress up like Dumbledore, except as a zombie Dumb-ledore,” said Alex Offer. Although this seventh and final book allegedly marks the end of a profound series, some students do not expect J.K. Rowling to stop anytime soon. “No, I don’t think that it is ending. I think she’ll round the series off at ten books. No one would shelf such a cash cow like Harry Potter yet, is just stupid. She may be the richest woman in England next to the queen, but she hasn’t made [the] top ten richest women in the world yet,” said Caleb Sheard. The author has been asked whether or not there will be an eighth book. “There are questions that I simply can’t answer”, said Rowling on her website.