Have Facts, Not Faith

To the Editor: Faith Hale writes that the student body (or so I perceive that is what Faith is stating) has problems with President Fogel’s future vision of UVM. I have but a couple of problems with the statement. One, there is no research. Faith quotes about eight people. Two are upperclassmen that will never see the improvements, so why should they care? The other six are supposed to represent the student body of UVM. Where are the cold, hard facts? Where is an opinion poll? Or at very least, where is a survey with a sample number of students that is more than a 1000? To write an article that blatantly states Faith’s opinion and then is supported with eight other opinions and then is passed off as the student body sounding off is absurd and horrible journalism. I am graduating this spring and will be attending graduate school here in the fall. I for one will welcome the improvements. UVM is a wonderful school as we all know, but its one drawback is its unbearable winters and horrible wind chills. Fogel sees a great school and wants to advertise it. To do so, the school needs added benefits to show off its already wonderful educational departments. The 9,000-seat complex is for the growing student population as well as the growing population of Vermonters in the Burlington region. It is not only students who come to games, Faith; maybe you should go to one, because it sounds like you haven’t. I embrace Fogel’s views and that is only me, one student, and I am sure there are more like me. I mainly have a problem with the student body being represented in eight people and with the idea that there are no cold, hard facts to support Faith’s argument. P.S. Faith, maybe it’s time to invest in a little thing called school pride and remember that all universities are places of higher learning, but they are all also run like a money-making business.Ripley HarrisonClass of 2003