High expectations for Redstone Lofts

Underclassmen trying to find housing for their junior year may not have to look as far as they thought. Construction on the Redstone Lofts, a complex of independent student apartments located between Redstone Campus and Gutterson Fieldhouse, has taken off this summer. The lofts are scheduled to open in Fall 2012 and will provide 403 beds in a mix of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, according to an email sent to the UVM community. The loft-style apartments are designed for students, “who are eligible to move off-campus, but choose the convenience of staying on-campus in independent apartments,” the email stated. Redstone Lofts is owned and managed by Redstone Commercial Group, headed by UVM alumni Larry Williams and Doug Nedde. The $30 million project will feature modern amenities and technology, including Wi-Fi, a theater and fitness facility, according to the Redstone Lofts website. Redstone Lofts is designed to achieve LEED-Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, according to the New England Real Estate Journal. Some students are already looking into the new housing option as they plan to move off-campus next year. “I think the main thing that would draw me to them is the option of a single apartment while still living close to friends and classes,” sophomore Shelby Deaton said. Sophomore Kate Smith said she would rather find housing elsewhere. “I think they could be a cool option, but I am more interested in living downtown because I feel you can branch out more and get more connections for the future,” she said. Some students said they feel that the University should focus more on dormitory housing before leasing ground space to build upperclassmen apartments. “I don’t think it’s fair to give the upperclassmen more housing options, especially when I think of all the forced triples that the freshmen had to live in last year,” sophomore Mari Stokes said. Leasing and other information is available to students at www.redstonelofts.com.