In search of payment, IRA upsets allies

Inter Residence Association (IRA) President Bob Just attributed various campus programs to the IRA while leaving out other responsible groups – a move that angered Student Government officials. The link was established in an e-mail, which was sent out on Oct. 31, addressing various concerns surrounding the IRA’s plan to compensate student IRA executives with free on-campus housing. Just neglected to list the other clubs responsible for creating the Meal Plan Task Force, Gender Blind Housing resolution, the Naked Bike Ride Task Force, as well as changes to the bus schedule.”I certainly believe that many of the items that IRA is claiming responsibility for are not the sole product of IRA,” SGA Speaker Mandy Frank said. “In hindsight we have come to realize that the e-mail did not have the impact that we intended,” Just said. In order to clarify his intentions, Just sent out another campus-wide e-mail explaining his intent in the first.”We failed to acknowledge the other voices that were also present in the discussions and therefore felt it was appropriate to send out a clarification e-mail addressing this mistake,” he said. “I’m not inclined to discredit their efforts, and/or their assistance in making many of the items listed a reality. I believe that IRA has been a part of formatting many of the items listed into actuality,” said Frank. Although the IRA and SGA are separate entities, they both work as the student voice, and take extreme pride in their accomplishments. “IRA and SGA work collaboratively as much as possible when it comes to similar initiatives,” said Just. “Together, we always do our best to represent the residential student voice and help make decisions that are in the best interest of the residents.” “I sincerely hope that the reason they wish to use their budget in the way that they have proposed isn’t simply based on what they have mentioned in their e-mail,” Frank said. “But, either way they are their own private entity outside of SGA and that must be respected,” she said.